Bachelor's degrees

A graduate profile

A graduate of a bachelor’s degree of Czech philology is a broadly-oriented philologist with a specialty in Slavistics, and a good linguistic and literary-science background. Graduates in the field are invited to continue their studies at master’s level, or (after finishing their master’s level studies) in a postgraduate program which helps them meet the requirements for acceptance into various research, scientific, pedagogical and other positions which demand a specialization in the field and a high degree of practically managed knowledge.

A graduate of the bachelor’s level program Czech philology is very well oriented in the basic disciplines of the studied program. He/she is able to:

a) prove theoretical and practical orientation either in diachronic and in synchronic approach to a language

b) orient themselves in basic historical tendencies of literature development and to apply acquired literary-theoretical knowledge in the interpretation of literary works,

c) deal with the basics of editor preparation of texts in practice.

A graduate of a three-year bachelor’s degree of Czech philology

can work in the sphere of media (TV, radio broadcasting, magazine newsrooms), libraries, cultural institutions of various types and in public administration, especially as a specialist for editing Czech-written texts of all kinds. On the basis of admission exams, a graduate of the degree program can start the follow-up master’s program in the same field of study. The study profile is at the same time configured in a way which enables a graduate of a bachelor’s program to continue with follow-up master’s studies or another philological or humanities program.