Master's degrees

A graduate of a master’s degree of Czech philology is capable of an independent scientific approach towards philological or literary-theoretical issues. As a result, he\she is prepared, for instance, for specialized professions such as copyreader, copy editor of culture columns, proofreader, textologist, editor. A graduate can apply for scientific positions in academic institutions. The structure of the study program and its focus also provides its graduates with a range of knowledge and skills suitable for work as a teacher. On the basis of graduation from the program for pedagogical qualification in combination with the study of Czech philology, a student obtains high-quality training for a teaching position.

A graduate from the program:

  • Has excellent knowledge of contemporary Czech and its underlying principles, is capable of cultivated expression in spoken and written form
  • Orients himself/herself in literary-theoretical and linguistic issues, is critically familiar with fundamental methodological concepts, has an understanding of the literature in the field, not only within Czech science but is also in contact with up-to-date trends in world-wide scientific research
  • Is theoretically educated in diachronic and synchronic aspects of the field
  • Is able to put his/her knowledge into practice and is ready for a following independent development within the field
  • Perceives his/her field not only in a specialized way, but also as a part of an interdisciplinary basis of humanities.